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Community Gatepath has been "Turning Disabilities Into Possibilities" for over 90 years by creating opportunities of greater independence for children, youth and adults with autism, special needs and disabilities. Through education and support services we empower individuals and families to dream big, work hard and challenge themselves to be the best they can be. We provide services for individuals and families from birth through adult in the
San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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Obesity is a global problem. Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk factors for global deaths and the problem is increasing. But while obesity affects much of the developed world’s population, it is of special concern for those with disabilities. Research has demonstrated conclusively that both adults and children with disabilities are significantly more likely than their peers to be overweight or obese. Our partners at AbilityPath released a report addressing this very issue: “Finding Balance; Obesity and Children with Special Needs.” Read the full report here »

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Bullying certainly isn’t a new problem; it has existed for generations. Historically, many have seen it as a rite of passage, a type of de facto hazing. Bullying has negative effects on all its victims, but kids with special needs are especially vulnerable. According to researchers, children with special needs often have a lower social standing among the other students in the classroom which may lead to them so frequently becoming the targets of bullying. Learn more about bullying, resources available, and how to cope with this report: Walk A Mile In Their Shoes.”

AbilityPathCommunity Gatepath functions as a service and resource provider center for you. We have many direct services and programs as well as online resources. However, if you are seeking a more in-depth online resource center, please visit our partners at Here you will find useful tools, reports, blogs, and an interactive global community.

Community Gatepath fosters hope, dignity and independence among children and adults with disabilities. We dedicate ourselves to building inclusive environments where individuals of all abilities can thrive. Join us and sign up for our e-newsletter.

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