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Electronic Arts Conducts Training on Workplace Inclusion

News for 02.23.17
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The path to an inclusive workplace starts with asking what it means to hire people with different abilities. Electronic Arts (EA) recently brought together human resources professionals from their offices throughout North America for a training session on the importance of having a diverse workforce and hiring people with special needs and disabilities.

Eileen Easterbrook, Gatepath’s community engagement manager, presented information at the training session, held at EA’s corporate headquarters in Redwood Shores, about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. Eileen said that by working with an organization like Gatepath, businesses can customize positions and empower employees with disabilities, which leads to the success of the business as a whole. “The event was really about opening up discussion, encouraging creativity in the hiring process, and breaking the mold of the ‘typical’ employee,” Eileen explained.

After the presentation, EA employees led discussions and interviewed participants in Gatepath’s employment programs, all of whom are learning vocational skills and preparing for job placement. “I think the exposure helped break certain stereotypes and adjust employer expectations,” said Robin Smith, a Gatepath employment services instructor. “This was a great opportunity for the program participants to talk about their abilities and interests with a group of professionals who they may not have access to through traditional channels.”

To prepare for this event, the participants worked with Gatepath staff to create résumés and received one-on-one interview training with mock questions.  “All of the participants were really proud of themselves for what they accomplished during the event!” Robin said.