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The Hillsborough Auxiliary to Gatepath Resale Shop is always filled with great buys including linens, fine china, silver, furniture, designer clothes and much more!



The concept of the women in our community raising funds for those with disabilities has never died since its inception with the Auxiliary to the Society for Crippled Children to its present form, the Hillsborough Auxiliary to Gatepath. What started as a grand Bazaar has evolved into the Resale Shop on Rollins Road in Burlingame.

In 1964, “The Christmas Bazaar Extraordinary” was a 3 day event held at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. Everything from a silver urn to a saddle, from a Barnaby Conrad oil painting to a famed Epicure Cookbook was sold. During the 1970’s the Bazaar was held in October in the gardens of some prominent Hillsborough homes. There were garden items, art, handicrafts, gourmet specialties and a flea market.

The Bazaar used to be the event of the year! Beautiful homes such as those of Norma Delehanty, Tony Edwards and Bernice Fritz attracted a large group of visitors who paid for entrance into the gardens as well as to purchase beautiful antiques, books, green thumb plantings, gourmet baked goods and canned items. The ladies shopped in each department while strolling through the property. In one instance, a visitor stepped back and fell into the pool, only to be given dry clothes and then preceded to continue shopping! After more than a decade of bazaars, the women became concerned for the safety and privacy of opening their homes to the public and a new venue was sought.

In 1994, The Hillsborough Auxiliary to Peninsula Recare, the new name for the Auxiliary to the Society for Crippled Children, started selling clothes in the basement of Kitty Scribner’s home. Even though this was not an ideal location for resale items, the Auxiliary made money to enhance their program to provide services for adults with disabilities.

It was in 1995 that Karen Key created the “Antiques, Collectibles and Elegant Junque” sale in the courtyard of Bay View Federal Bank before it was moved in 1996 to the tented area of the Hyatt Hotel. Continuing in Karen’s footsteps were Pat Barr and Del Aguirre who chaired the event at the Hyatt along with Stephanie Stockton and Pat Stratigos as co-chairs. The name changed to “Antiques and Uniques.” These four women, known as the Four Chairs, worked with a strong purpose and have remained strong friends ever since. In preparation of this event, rental space was acquired on Malher Road to store the resale items, and shelving came from the closing of Steffi Shoes. Clothes were stored at the home of Louise Agardy who is an active volunteer at the current shop. These extravagant events were composed of a Preview Party for Auxiliary members the night before the 2 day public sale. The Preview Party served as a cocktail party for members as well as a time for members to purchase items themselves.  About $50,000 was realized from each of these events.

After a few years, the Hyatt was no longer available and the “resale” event moved to the Gatepath property at Marco Polo Way in Burlingame. The resale items were sold in the parking lot. The next move was to the Gatepath property on Stanton Road. Pat Barr’s husband, Dave, found a book depository in South San Francisco going out of business and secured their shelving for display and storage at the Stanton Road property. Dave was an integral part of the Resale Shop with his little truck always ready for pick-ups. The shop was called the Warehouse or, at times, the Warehouse Shoppe. It was open only on Mondays staffed by Auxiliary members. When the Agency remodeled the Stanton Road building, they built a wonderful sales room and provided storage space.

In 2006, the name changed from the Warehouse to the Resale Shop and it was open two days a week on Stanton Road. Sales doubled at this location and there were five managers. It was in 2008 that the Inside and Out Sale began and this event has continued each year. In 2010, the  Resale Shop relocated to its current location at 1606 Rollins Road. Current Shop managers are Auxiliary members Louise Agardy, Susan Ferro, Betsy Grotte, and Marie Pease.

Technological efforts have increased sales at the Rollins Road Resale Shop starting in 2009 with postings on EBay and Craigslist and the use of PayPal. In 2010 there were increased postings to blogs, community sites and newsletters. Postings on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler occurred in 2012 and a G mail account for the Auxiliary was opened the following year.

It is not uncommon for Auxiliary members to buy items from the shop donated by fellow Auxiliary members. A few times an Auxiliary member puts away an item to purchase herself and it finds its way to a shelf in the store and is purchased by a customer. Long time columnist, Ruth McAninch purchased a lovely sable stole which she wore to society events that she covered.

Merchandise is donated by members, estates, and friends of Gatepath. The shop is completely operated by volunteers from the Auxiliary and all the proceeds benefit Gatepath. There are wonderful antiques, collectibles, and clothes to be had at the Gatepath Resale Shop. Come see.

Elaine L. Cohen, Historian 2013
Revised September 9, 2013

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