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Auxiliary History

historical milestones

1950: Mrs. Richard Heimann, a founding member of the Auxiliary, envisions establishing a vocational training workshop for adults with disabilities. Mrs. Heimann assembled a group of women to discuss forming an organization to support this goal. The meeting took place at the home of Mrs. Cyril Tobin. Other charter members in attendance were: Mesdames Roger Basquerez, Emerson North, Kenneth Kilpatrick, William Holloway, J. Howard Patrick and
George Otto.

1951: Mrs. Randolph Hearst became the first President of the Auxiliary (see video). The first rehabilitation/vocational training facility opened in the old Carriage House on the Ogden Mills Estate.

1957: Rehabilitation/vocational training services move to a recently purchased building at 1764 Marco Polo Way.

1974: Auxiliary provides a major financial contribution to help Gatepath purchase the 858 Stanton Road facility; new home of vocational training.

1999: Auxiliary began a resale business and operates out of 875 Stanton Road.

2005: The Auxiliary Resale Shop is renovated as a result of the Agency’s sale of 858 Stanton Road and purchase of 875 Stanton Road. The Resale Shop is currently closed.

2011: Celebrates its 60th Anniversary. Opens The Auxiliary Resale Shop at its new location on 1606 Rollins Rd.