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My Memorable Internship at Gatepath

News for 08.24.17
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By Kendall Sui, student at Santa Clara University

Before starting my internship at Gatepath, I was thinking about a future career in therapy or nursing. Now, as my summer internship comes to an end, and as I reflect on the experience, I’m even more committed than ever to a career in the health field. I feel there are so many possibilities ahead of me as I enter my sophomore year majoring in Public Health Science at Santa Clara University.

When I began my internship at Gatepath’s Learning and Resource Campus (LRC) in Daly City, I mainly wanted to experience what it’s like to work with people who have disabilities and to learn more about the different therapies for helping those individuals reach their full potential. My internship most definitely met my expectations. I came in ready to learn and absorb the environment and community. Working with people who have disabilities has taught me that in reality they are people just like everyone else and deserve to be treated the same way. You really can't have any idea about what it’s like to work with people who have disabilities unless you’re close to someone with a disability or until you’ve had an opportunity like I’ve had at Gatepath.

The LRC offers a range of programs and a rich curriculum for adults with developmental disabilities. A typical week consists of an outing in the community, health and wellness activities, life skills training, and educational courses that each program participant selects based on their interests.

One of my most memorable experiences was teaching my first class. A student named Faith told me she was excited about my class. Though it was a simple remark, her comment really helped me have courage and feel confident in my abilities. I felt accepted and part of the LRC program. That following Monday, even though I was really nervous about teaching my first class, all of the students, including Faith, made me feel at ease by participating and engaging with the topic and the activities I planned. I was very happy and proud to have fulfilled Faith's expectations and to have had this amazing experience at Gatepath.

Gatepath is invested in developing future community leaders through internships in our children and adult programs that support those with special needs and developmental disabilities. If you’re interested in the Gatepath internship program, CLICK HERE for more information, or email Human Resources at HR@gatepath.org.

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