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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) helps children learn to perform everyday tasks and take part in day-to-day life. Our occupational therapists teach children with delays, special needs, and autism skills for interacting with others, skills for sensory processing and self-regulation, self-care skills, and fine motor skills such as writing and cutting.

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Areas of Focus:

  • Fine motor skills – Developing coordination of small movements with wrists, hands and fingers to improve activities like drawing and using scissors.
  • Gross motor skills – Increasing ability to balance, run, jump, and play using the whole body and limbs through guided movement.
  • Visual motor skills – Improving hand-eye coordination through activities such as handwriting or copying from a whiteboard.
  • Sensory processing – Helping improve tolerance for kids with an increased or decreased sensitivity to noise, touch, sounds and smells.
  • Self-regulation skills – Teaching a child who has difficulty controlling behavior ways to cope.
  • Self-care skills – Practicing feeding, dressing, toileting and grooming for greater independence.

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