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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists apply focused treatment interventions to improve a child’s movement and function. Their work is designed to allow children with special needs to strengthen their motor skills so they can participate more fully in their home, school, and play activities. Our physical therapists are able to assist families of children with physical disabilities to work with specialized aids and equipment.

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Areas of Focus:

  • GROSS MOTOR SKILLS such as crawling, climbing, jumping, running, swinging, and playing ball
  • BALANCE with the use of balance beams and fun uneven surfaces that teach balance
  • COORDINATION with the use of obstacle courses.
  • STRENGTH and range of motion
  • SAFETY awareness when moving around play equipment and peers

We have many different swings, big balls, climbing structures, scooters, and other play equipment to make movement fun and motivating!Therapy sessions around your schedule!

Call: 650-259-8544

Email: csc@gatepath.org