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Stock Gifts

Donors who choose to give appreciated securities may avoid paying capital gains taxes and receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the donated stock.

For example, if you decide to donate stock you purchased more than one year ago for $1,000, and the shares are now worth $4,000, you would not only get a deduction for the stock's full current market value, but would also avoid paying 20% tax on the $3,000 gain. As a nonprofit, Gatepath incurs no capital gains taxes when it sells the securities, so the gift of stock would provide the full $4,000 value.

The donation process can be handled in two steps:

1. Please complete our Stock Gift Form (below) and email, fax, or mail itGatepath’s Development Team to ensure your gift is processed and acknowledged properly. Completing this step is important to ensure you receive a tax receipt.

2. Begin your securities transaction through your broker using Gatepath’s bank and account number below. The following information is also listed on our Stock Gift Form (below).

Gatepath's contact at Bailard is Ryan Cole at 650.571.5800

The Depository Trust Company

Participant Account: 2803

For Credit to Account Number: 6731027820

Agent Bank ID: 26645

Institutional Number: 26645

For further information or assistance, please contact Kim Malhotra by email or phone (650) 259-0157.

As always, talk to your financial advisor to fully understand the specific tax benefits of giving appreciated stock. Publicly traded securities held in a brokerage account may be transferred electronically directly to Gatepath. Please contact us to learn more about transferring stock.

pdf Gatepath_StockDonationForm