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Lisa Bayless-Kapp


pediatric speech-language pathologist

Lisa Bayless-Kapp is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and former preschool teacher. Lisa completed her graduate clinical internship at Gatepath in 2015 and joined the team full-time upon completing her degree. She holds a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from CSU East Bay and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Childhood from UC Berkeley. Lisa loves teaching her early intervention speech class in addition to providing individual speech-language therapy for children of all ages.

Catherine Buckman


Occupational Therapist

Catherine Buckman has been a pediatric occupational therapist since 2000, earning a Masters of Arts degree in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in multiple settings including a clinic, school-based, and outpatient hospital, in addition to starting a successful new clinic in Maryland.

Catherine is the lead for the Occupational and Physical therapy at Gatepath. She enjoys all areas of pediatric occupational therapy, however especially enjoys working in sensory integration.

Lindsay Driemeyer


Occupational Therapist

Lindsay Driemeyer is an occupational therapist with seven years experience working with children. She received her Masters of Arts in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California. Before joining Gatepath, she worked for Wings Learning Center, a school for kids with autism ages 5-21.

Olivia Esterly


Early Childhood Special Educator

Olivia Esterly is an Early Childhood Special Educator who has been a part of the Gatepath Children's Therapy and Learning Links Preschool team for four years. She earned her Master's Degree in Special Education with an authorization of Early Intervention from the University of Oregon and holds a California Level I Education Specialist Instruction Credential. Olivia strongly advocates for inclusion within schools and the community and loves to share her passion for acceptance with her students and families.

Lindsay Farris


Occupational Therapist

Lindsay Farris received her Bachelors in Kinesiology from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA in 2011 and earned a Master in Occupational Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Marcos, CA in 2013. She has been working in pediatrics ever since, focusing on school-based and early intervention services. Lindsay loves collaborating with, and learning from, different disciplines and enjoys being on a school-based team. Lindsay moved to the Bay Area in November 2016. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the area. She also enjoys cooking, baking, and visiting her family in Los Angeles.

Nadine Ginzberg


Early Childhood Special Educator

Nadine Ginzberg is an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, originally from New York, but has lived in San Francisco since 1990.  Nadine, who has been with Gatepath since 1993, has worked exclusively with children, mostly children with special needs, and she says she wouldn’t want to do anything else.  She enjoys working with all of the families, and loves her colleagues at Gatepath.  Nadine describes her work as her “dream job.”  Nadine earned her Bachelor of Arts from Washington University and a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University.

Maree Hay


Occupational Therapist

Maree Hay is an Occupational Therapist who graduated from University of Queensland, Australia with a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in pediatric clinics and public and non-public school settings in Australia and USA with clients ranging in age from 2 – 18 years old. Maree has extensive experience working with children with fine motor and gross motor delays, visual motor and perceptual difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays. She has always enjoyed working within a collaborative team environment supporting families so their children are given every opportunity to reach their fullest potential in their day-to-day lives.  Maree enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the Bay Area, going to the beach, and playing netball.

Sara Huntley


Occupational Therapist

Sara Huntley earned her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University in December 2015 and has been practicing occupational therapy as a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist since February of 2016. She has completed training in the H.O.P.E. (Harper’s Optimal Protocol for Enrichment) Method, the S.O.S. (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding, and the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum for grades K-5 writing, literacy, and mathematics. She is passionate about the importance of providing evidence-based treatment to help children thrive at home, at school, and in their communities. In 2015, Sara was honored to present her research on the effectiveness of a manual dexterity protocol in children, ages 5-7, at the Occupational Therapy Association of California conference in Sacramento, and again in 2016 at the National American Occupational Therapy Association conference in Chicago.

Delmy Jaimes


Early Childhood Special Educator

Delamy Jaimes has been a member of the Gatepath therapy team since 2003 as a Bilingual Early Childhood Interventionist.  She provides individual early intervention sessions both in-home and in developmental groups at our Burlingame Children’s Services location, and conducts parent-training groups to help with translation.  With more than 20 years in the early intervention field, Delamy has worked alongside other professionals involving children with special needs because she strongly believe that a family-centered approach is the way to succeed in the area of early intervention.  Delamy holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from El Salvador, which has given her a strong background in mental health. She also has a degree in Learning Disabilities from “Instituto de Ciencias Sanitarias y de la Educacion” at Madrid, Spain.

Kathy Ketchum


Director of Children's Therapy Services

Kathy Ketchum, a speech-language pathologist, has been providing services for children with special needs for over 20 years. She has experience in delivering home based early intervention services and clinic based speech therapy; she also worked for Cabrillo Unified School District providing itinerant speech-language services as well as teaching a preschool Special Day class. Kathy has experience managing therapists and support staff; she combines her clinical expertise with management in her current role of Director of Children’s Therapy Services.

Kathy has a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern University, and completed the Early Childhood Special Education program at San Francisco State University. She has a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, is licensed in California in speech-language pathology, and holds teaching credentials as an Education Specialist (Early Childhood Special Education) and in Clinical or Rehabilitative Services.

Melanie Klimpke


Speech-Language Pathologist

Melanie Klimpke, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist who earned her bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge followed by her master’s degree in Communication Disorders from Arizona State University, Tempe.  Before transitioning to the clinic setting, Melanie worked in the schools as a Speech-Language Pathologist for 5 years with a myriad of students ranging in age from preschool age to high school.  She loves cooking, baking, and Boba tea!

Sherrean Knops


Speech-Language Pathologist

Sherrean Knops is a Speech-Language Pathologist who received her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from California State University, East Bay and has an undergraduate degree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Francisco State University. Her passion for working with children and families started 9 years ago when she became a preschool teacher. Prior to working at Gatepath, Sherrean worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist at a local private practice specializing in pediatrics. Her interests include finding ways to make the therapeutic process functional to promote generalization, collaborating in an interdisciplinary setting, early intervention, and working closely with families.

Katie Krabbenschmidt


Speech-Language Pathologist

Katie Jean Krabbenschmidt, MA, CCC-SP, AT, has been a Speech Pathologist for more than 30 years. As a mentor teacher with San Mateo County Office of Education, Katie consulted and trained other speech/language pathologists and special education teachers in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) and gave workshops in other areas of speech and language development. In the early 1990's Katie created the San Mateo County Augmentative and Alternative Resource Center providing services to all 24 school districts in San Mateo County. She earned the J. Russell Kent Award from the San Mateo County School Boards Association, the Recognition Award from the San Mateo County Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and was a nominee for the People Who Care Award.  Katie has worked with children from birth through 22 years of age, who have had a wide range of disabilities. Currently, Katie is providing speech and language therapy and AAC intervention for children ages 2 through 22 years of age through Gatepath.  Katie earned a bachelor’s degree at San Jose State University and a master’s degree at San Francisco State University.  She has an ASHA Certification and holds a Certificate in Assistive Technology in Education.  Through her extensive AAC training, Katie uses a variety of systems: DynaVox devices, Prentke-Romich devices with MiniSpeak, Saltillo devices with TouchChat, and most iPad APPS including TouchChat, Prologue2Go, and GoTalk. She also has received PODD training and teaches the PODD communication system.

Nicole Longa


Children’s Education Program Manager

Nicole Longa has been an Early Childhood Special Educator for 12 years. She has a Master’s degree and Level II teaching credential from San Francisco State University in Early Childhood Special Education. She is the lead for the Early Childhood Special Educators and Early Interventionists for Gatepath’s Children’s Services department, and manages the Little Explorers program. She enjoys all areas of teaching, and especially working closely with parents.

Jenni Low


Occupational Therapist

Jenni Low is an Occupational Therapist who previously served at the Bridge School, where she worked with children with severe physical and communicative impairments. She has worked alongside Assistive Technology Professionals, Special Education Teachers and Speech and Language Pathologists to adapt students’ academic environments and equipment in order to optimize learning and engagement. She has a Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Pacific University, is registered in the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy and is licensed in California in Occupational Therapy. Jenni has a special interest in oral motor techniques and the impact it plays in self-feeding.

Mor Marom


speech-language pathologist

Mor Marom is a bilingual speech-language pathologist, who provides in-home and center-based therapy for children with communication disorders in both English and Hebrew. She has experience working with children in the fields of autism, expressive and receptive language, bilingualism, early intervention, inclusion, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication. She started her professional career in the Israeli educational system, working in pre-schools for children with autism. She has also worked with adults with acquired cognitive disorders at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston before moving to the Bay Area. Mor obtained a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders from Tel Aviv University. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, and is licensed in both California and Israel as a speech language pathologist.

Angie Marshall


Speech-Language Pathologist

Angie Marshall, MA, CCC-SLP, is an ASHA certified and California licensed speech-language pathologist with over 18 years experience working with children. She began her career working with preschool and early elementary-aged children at the Coeur d’Alene Tribal School in Idaho before moving to the Bay Area to work for the San Bruno Park School District. Since then she has worked extensively with multidisciplinary teams, including developmental and behavioral pediatricians, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, MFTs, and early childhood special educators. For three years, she was part of a multidisciplinary team at Center for Learning and Achievement (aka Kidscope) that provided comprehensive assessments for children, primarily focusing on complex developmental delays, autism, and ADHD to provide appropriate referrals, treatment plans, and resources for families.

Before coming to Gatepath, Angie worked in private practice primarily providing home-based speech-language therapy for Early Start and school district children in San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Angie has been with Gatepath for almost seven years as a speech-language pathologist of Children’s Therapy Services. Her areas of interest/expertise include: Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words programs, early childhood mental health, Social Thinking curriculum, Integrated Play Groups, and childhood apraxia of speech.

Priscilla Ng


Occupational Therapist

Priscilla Ng, MS,OTR/L, is an Occupational Therapist (OT) who works with children and their families in Gatepath’s Sunnyvale location.  She earned a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Atypical Child Studies, both, from San Jose State University (Go Spartans!). She has been working with children for multiple years and was a teacher’s assistant and art teacher prior to becoming an OT. She has worked with children with physical impairments, cognitive impairments, sensory impairments, and feeding difficulties to increase their ability to successfully participate and be part of their home, school, and community settings. She has a special interest in sensory integration and its impact on a child’s ability to be attentive, interact, and be purposeful in multiple environments. She also has an interest in feeding and is looking forward to pursuing her Sequential Oral Sensory approach to feeding training.  She loves using Pinterest to help organize her life,  as well as spending time with her fiancé, and eating different types of foods around the Bay Area.

Audrey Osburn


Occupational Therapist

Audrey Osburn, MOT, OTR/L, is licensed and  registered Occupational Therapist who graduated from Xavier University with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in a pediatric clinic, and school settings, with clients ranging in age from 1 to 20 years. At Gatepath, Audrey provides services to children in their clinic locations, as well as in a nearby school district. She loves that her experiences have allowed her to interact with so many different familes, and help their children develop their independence and participation at home, school, and with their friends. She feels very fortunate for the opportunity to work collaboratively with families at Gatepath to find solutions that best fit their needs.

Nikki Phan


Early Interventionist

Nikki Phan is an Early Interventionist who received her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies across the fields of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Psychology, and Linguistics at University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2012, she gained experience working with children on the autism spectrum in a one-on-one classroom setting. Prior to joining the Gatepath team in 2017, Nikki was providing therapy services with ALLS, Inc. since 2014.  She has received training in Applied Behavior Analysis, and works with children under the age of 3 and their families to target each individual’s behaviors, speech and language development, motor development, self-help skills, play, social skills, and cognitive skills.

Ginny Phixaykoune


Occupational Therapist

Ginny Phixaykoune is an Occupational Therapist who received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from McGill University in Canada. She has worked in the area of pediatrics for about 4 years and has experience in both the clinic and school-based settings. Ginny has worked with children with a range of developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, learning disabilities, and global developmental delays. Ginny is the lead Occupational Therapist in the school setting, and works alongside many other specialties including speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists, physical therapists, behavioral therapists, and school psychologists. Ginny is trained in the Handwriting Without Tears program and has a special interest in sensory integration theory.

Kayla Price


Early Interventionist/Behavioral Therapist

Kayla Price received her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education at Immaculata University in 2014.  She has 5 years of previous experience working with children and young adults with all types of developmental disabilities. As an Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist in New York and New Jersey, Kayla has worked in private homes, group homes, and school settings working directly with individuals of all ages and their parents. Kayla recently relocated to the west coast where she joined the Gatepath team in August of 2017 as an Early Interventionist/Behavioral Therapist. Her primary focus of interests in the field are: discrete trial training, the development of functional and adaptive behaviors to increase independence, and parent training.

Lauren Saeger


Jennifer Smith


Justine Snyder-Charmley


Speech and Language Pathologist

Justine Snyder-Charmley, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a Speech and Language Pathologist and Infant/Toddler Teacher.  Justine loves being a speech pathologist and head teacher for the infant toddler program at Gatepath. She has enjoyed her experiences working with kids in an outpatient setting, as well as collaborating with occupational therapists doing joint therapies such as the FLOORTIME technique. She has worked as an aide in an autistic support classroom, as well as in general education classrooms in elementary schools. She’s passionate about making therapy fun and functional, as well as involving parents to promote carryover of skills at home.  Justine earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology, and a minor in Child Psychology, from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. She went on to earn her master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. Justine enjoys horseback riding, cooking, wine, the beach, running with her dogs, and spending time in Hawaii and the mountains of Pennsylvania with her family.

Katherine Soto


Occupational Therapist

Katherine Soto is a recent graduate from San Jose State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy with a minor in Child Development. Katherine continued her education at San Jose State University and received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Katherine has always had a passion for working with children and has previously worked as a camp counselor for children and adults with disabilities.

Tammy Steinkoler


Speech-Language Pathologist

Tammy Steinkoler, RPE/CF, is a bilingual (Spanish) Speech-Language Pathologist at Gatepath. She is originally from Costa Rica and moved to the Bay Area two years ago. Previously, Tammy worked in private practice and in school settings with kids with special needs. Tammy holds a Speech Therapy degree from Santa Paula University, as well as a degree in Special Education with emphasis in Multiple Disabilities from University of Costa Rica. She enjoys working with kids doing speech therapy in both English and Spanish.

Brittney Verdugo


Occupational Therapist

Brittney Verdugo is an Occupational Therapist with 7 years of experience in a variety of pediatric settings ranging from early intervention, school-based, clinic-based and hippotherapy. She holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Boston University and currently works for Gatepath as a school-based Occupational therapist.  She enjoys all aspects of occupational therapy, especially working with children on the autism spectrum and sensory integration.

Lisa Westhorpe


Occupational Therapist

Lisa Westhorpe received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Leeds Beckett University, England. She spent several years working in the UK with a variety of client groups including geriatrics, adults with developmental disabilities and clients with a forensic history. Lisa moved to California in 2014 where she found her passion for school-based occupational therapy. She enjoys working with students of a variety of ages from kindergarten to postgraduate level, working collaboratively with the school team to assist students to access the curriculum and supporting engagement in school-based occupations. Lisa has presented at the UK Royal College of Occupational Therapists' conference on topics including school-based occupational therapy and health promotion.

Lindsay Willemsen


Early Childhood Special Educator

Lindsay Willemsen, MA, ECSE, is an Early Childhood Special Educator with the Gatepath Children’s Therapy team and with Learning Links Preschool. Lindsay earned her bachelor’s degree from Sonoma State University in Human Development and Psychology. During her time in undergrad, she also attended the Autism Support program and worked directly with children and families recently diagnosed with autism and received an Autism Spectrum Training Certificate.  She earned her master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education at San Francisco State University. During her time at the graduate program, she interned at Gatepath and realized it was a perfect fit! Before she joined the Gatepath team, she worked as an ABA therapist and as an aide for a child with significant sensory challenges. She has been with Gatepath since September of 2012.

Liping Zhang